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About IntelliFactory

IntelliFactory is the world-wide leading supplier of F# consulting, development and training services, and technologies that enable functional, reactive, client-based web development. As one of the very first adopters of F#, IntelliFactory has a long history of applying F# and functional programming in commercial domains, and specializes in a number of areas where the benefits of F# are immense, including asyncronous, distributed, and cloud computing; symbolic processing; language-oriented programming; domain-specific languages; and functional web development.

With several offices in Europe and the US, and a large network of the best F# talent around the world, IntelliFactory offers a unique combination of F# expertise, smart and creative staff, agility, and a proven track record to solve real-life problems quickly and effectively.

IntelliFactory is not an outsourcing company. We believe in the quality and not the quantity of our resources, and each and every one of our colleagues has been selected from a large pool of candidates to bring the most value and the richest skillset to our company. Our people are our greatest assets.


Our mission is to deliver value to our customers faster and more effectively than our competitors. We will do so by staying on the forefront of innovation, constantly pursuing new ideas, and applying functional programming to reach unrivaled productivity.


IntelliFactory was founded in 2004 as the first company to provide consulting, programming and training services for the F# programming language. We work with customers from all around the world on implementing the adoption of functional programming in their organizations.

We have strong roots in academic research, especially in functional and domain-specific languages (DSLs), extensible multi-language compilers, declarative and formal specification, and string and text processing. Backed by our ever-growing research background we have a wide range of internal development projects, and work with academia in a number of initiatives.


Adam Granicz, CEO - Adam is the co-author of Expert F# and Expert F# 2.0, the most comprehensive guide to the F# language, co-authored with Don Syme, the designer of the language. Adam is a long-standing member in the F# community with over six years of experience in applying F# commercially, and has grown IntelliFactory into a multinational organization with the brightest F# professionals from around the world. He is an active F# evangelist, a regular author in online F# media, and speaker at development conferences and industry partners. He serves on the steering committee of the Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) Workshop, where he represents the F# segment. Adam holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology.

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