Internship positions are available all year around. If you are a university student interested in doing an internship with us, read the following and contact us today!

What do I need to apply for an internship?

All you need is to send your resume to internships at along with a motivation letter that describes your interests and why you would like to work with us.

What skills do I have to have?

Above all, we will be looking for a creative mind, a solid academic background, and a good ability to fit into our environment. All interns are expected to know OCaml, F#, or Haskell in depth, and have an acute interest in functional programming languages. Practical experience with translating programming languages, compilers, parsers, and .NET technologies is a great plus.

What duration is the internship?

The duration of the internship can be anywhere from a summer to a full semester, or even longer if the collaboration is extremely fruitful. There is a possibility to do remote internship, but this is only considered in special circumstances.

What will I be doing?

Following admission, you will join one of the internal research projects and receive adequate training to ensure that you are fully competent to add value to it. Although one of the objectives of internships in general is to provide an opportunity to participate in an exciting research environment or sometimes to fulfill practical training by working in a commercial project, our interns are expected to become active contributors and come up with ideas and see through their implementation as opposed to merely following instructions. Those oriented towards research should aim to publish papers or prepare demonstrations on various research topics that benefited from their work.

Recent Interns

huDe Montfort University, UK

"I really enjoyed my time at IntelliFactory. It is a demanding place to work at, yet a very cool environment with F# experts from all around the world. I certainly cherish my working experience there and truly appreciate the technical skills it gave me."

Joel Huang, now back at De Montfort University, UK

huELTE, Hungary

"It was great to have the opportunity to be an integral part of IntelliFactory during my internship. Not only could I work with F#, greatly enhancing my functional programming skills, but I also contributed to the WebSharper project developing extensions to the YUI package. During these months, I traveled through CSS, YUI and JavaScript world just to finally reach the wonders of WebSharper. Thank you Adam and guys!"

Karina Bunyik, now at ELTE, Hungary and Chalmers University, Sweden.

huEPFL, Switzerland

"Working and discussing with people interested in functional programming in one of the best cities in Europe is a rare chance these days. That is what IntelliFactory's internships offer, and one can get even more out of it. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised to find a growing functional programming community in Budapest."

Ersoy Bayramoglu, now at Yale University, USA

huEAFIT, Colombia

"Working at IntelliFactory has been a great experience for me. The open-minded environment allowed me to not only experiment with the expressiveness of F#, but also to use it together in a "real-world" context. Learning new technologies on a daily basis has made my internship even more valuable."

Diego Echeverri, now at IntelliFactory

huCaltech, USA

"My internship at IntelliFactory gave a great view into how modern computing concepts can be applied in practice. The work environment was friendly, encouraged using new tools and concepts, and there were always interesting functional programming problems, so it was a very enjoyable experience."

Jacob King, now at the London School of Economics

huEPITA, France

"I really enjoyed my internship at IntelliFactory. It's one of the rare companies that gives importance to functional programming. I worked on a nice project, I was quite independent and I had very flexible work hours. Overall, that was a good experience for me."

Laurent Le Brun, now at Microsoft Research, Cambridge

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