WebSharper 4.5.8 released with Visual Studio 2019 support

By András Jankó on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 — 0 comments

WebSharper 4.5.8 is now available on NuGet, and as a vsix installer on the WebSharper website.

It contains client-side support for functions added to FSharp.Core 4.6, and allows installing templates for Visual Studio 2019 Preview.

Documentation: WebSharper 4.x for C# and WebSharper 4.x for F#.

The release notes are also found on GitHub.


  • #1041 Add missing constructor to WebSharper.JavaScript.Dom.MutationObserver.
  • #1029 No more build warnings about An error occurred while reading the F# metadata node...


  • #1043 Support new FSharp.Core 4.6 functions on the client side (ValueOption type and module, List/Seq/Array.tryExactlyOne).
  • Updated to use FSharp.Compiler.Service version 26.0.1. Anonymous records are not supported yet on the client side.
  • Visual Studio templates now support 2019 Preview.

Happy coding!

WebSharper templates in VS2019