Have you ever wanted to give your F# library users a nice and clean API documentation but didn't have the right tools to create it? Or you have tried all kinds of API documentation tools and none of them worked for your F# assemblies? Well, now you have to look no further - we have the perfect tool for you:

DHTMLX Touch for WebSharper available

Today we are happy to announce the release of a new extension for WebSharper: DHTMLX Touch. This library provides a complete set of UI widgets, alongside a number of tools to seamlessly connect them to application data, resulting in web applications with an impressive native feel.

WebSharper RC2 Extension updates

Today we released a comprehensive set of updates for all extensions targeting WebSharper 2 RC2. If you are using any WebSharper 2 extensions and WebSharper 2 RC2, we recommend that you update your extensions by installing the updates from the Extensions page. [...]

WebGL and glMatrix Extensions for WebSharper Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of not one, but two new WebSharper extensions: WebGL and glMatrix. Together, they bring the power of hardware-accelerated 3D into WebSharper.

WebSharper 2.1 Professional RC2 released

We are happy to announce that WebSharper 2.1 Professional RC2 is now available for Visual Studio 2008/2010 developers. You can find and download the latest version from [...]

Bing Maps 7.0 Extension for WebSharper

The Bing Maps extension for WebSharper has been updated to version 7.0 of the library. It allows developers to use the latest features of Bing Maps, including info boxes and keyboard events. It also provides a convenient interface to the REST API for searches, routes and static map images.

Formlets for jQuery UI available

Today we are happy to announce the availability of the jQuery UI extension for WebSharper formlets. This brings a number of new formlet primitives to the standard WebSharper formlet library that are rendered using jQuery UI controls. These include tabs, sliders, drag and drop panels, orderable lists, among others. [...]

WebSharper 2 Professional RC1

The first release candidate for WebSharper 2 Professional is out today, with a few bug fixes and better support for 64-bit machines. [...]

More WebSharper talks in February

It's almost March, but don't rush time - there are still two upcoming WebSharper talks before the end of February: ...

Sencha Touch for WebSharper available

Mobile application developers can now enjoy, in addition to jQuery Mobile, the latest addition to the WebSharper Extensions Gallery - Sencha Touch.

New WebSharper extensions available

Today we are happy to announce that we released the first batch of WebSharper extensions to match WebSharper 2.1 Beta 5 - you can download them from the WebSharper downloads page. These are bringing the following libraries to F#: Google Maps, Google Visualization, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Bing Maps, Modernizr, InfoVis, Protovis.

WebSharper 2.1 Beta 5 available

Today we are happy to announce WebSharper 2.1 Beta 5, with substantial new features and a major redesign of WebSharper sitelets, among others. Now with all major features in place and available, we are ramping up to ship the final WebSharper 2.x Professional in the coming weeks.

WebSharper proposal for MIX 2011

MIX is probably the most well-known and one of, if not the most challenging conferences to present at. It usually features prominent community and Microsoft technology leaders and evangelists and aims to bring together web professionals from all around the world. [...]

WebSharper Beta 4 released

Happy new year folks, we just rolled out the WebSharper 2.0 Beta4 release - with an enhanced installer and better support for sitelet-based development with some significant performance improvements. The new installer also became smarter and for new users obtains a 90-day trial license automatically so you no longer have to manually activate.

Talk: Introducing WebSharper Sitelets

WebSharper sitelets provide the essential mechanism to encapsulate entire websites as F# values. In this talk, I will present how you can use sitelets to develop dynamic, template-based, markup-less web applications with WebSharper that seamlessly combine client and server-side functionality, and briefly discuss the tooling around this automation.

Visual Studio book with F# chapter

I am proud to announce the availability of the third F# book that I coauthored, Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Six-in-One by Wrox.