WebSharper 4.1.7 and 4.2.2-beta released

This is a bugfix release for both the stable and beta branches of WebSharper.

WebSharper 4.2-beta released with .NET Core/Standard support

WebSharper 4.2-beta adds support for .NET Core and compiler configuration via json

WebSharper 4.1.6 released

WebSharper 4.1.6 has enhancements for bundle projects and bug fixes

WebSharper 4.1.2 released

WebSharper 4.1.2 has enhancements for C# routing and bug fixes

WebSharper 4.1.3 released

This is a small bugfix release

A simple OAuth application

I wrote a simple template application that you can use as a base to create your own OAuth-based app.

Password-less authentication with WebSharper.OAuth

This tutorial shows how to authenticate a WebSharper Client-Server Application with an OAuth2 service and query its API.

WebSharper 4.1.1 released

WebSharper 4.1.1 expands and fixes multiple client-server features

Serving SPAs

Consider a very typical scenario: you have a web application that serves an SPA. The SPA itself has several "pages," each with its own client-side routed URLs (think of Gmail, for instance.) Then people copy some of these URLs from their "session" and send them to others, who in turn expect to find exactly what the sender saw. Except with most SPAs, the server-side knows nothing about the URLs generated on the client and usually throws you back to some initial SPA page. Implementing this properly requires you to share all or a subset of the URLs both on the server and on the client. With WebSharper, this is easy.

WebSharper 4.1 released

WebSharper 4.1 introduces multiple new client-server features

Announcing WebSharper 4 Release Candidate

Full stack of `WebSharper.4.0-rc` packages are now available on NuGet.

WebSharper 4 beta-10 released

Fixes and old and recent community requests are released

WebSharper 4 beta-9 released

Compiler and output optimizations, auto-versioning scripts

WebSharper 4 beta-7 released

WebSharper 4 beta now has F#4.1 and C#7 language support

WebSharper 4 beta-6 bugfix released

Fixes for tail recursion optimizations, lighter representation of F# unions/records with no extra members

WebSharper 4 beta-6 released

WebSharper 4 beta-6 contains updates to DOM and JQuery bindings, erased union types, JS output optimizations and fixes