The following resources apply to WebSharper™ 2010 Standard only. Documentation for WebSharper™ 2010 Professional will be available soon.

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The WebSharper™ Partner Program

The WebSharper™ Partner Program (WPP) aims to equip companies and individuals who seek to develop WebSharper™ extensions with the necessary resources and assistance.

As a member of the WebSharper™ Partner Program, you will receive:

  • Elevated support to cover integration and extension queries
  • Additional resources to help you get up to speed with the WebSharper™ extension infrastructure
  • Additional developer licenses to help you expand your WebSharper development team

For more information, contact us.

What others are saying

It's not only us who believe strongly in our platform. Check out what some of our early adopters, industry and F# experts say about WebSharper™.

"Using WebSharper to develop web apps with jQuery has cut my debug time in half."

"The elegance of F# to build web applications? It’s a web dev’s dream."

"WebSharper is such a great platform, sometimes I forget I’m developing web applications."

"WebSharper's highly composable architecture and statically checked JavaScript generation can shorten time to market and lower maintenance costs."

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